Step One: Registration Form for Athletes and Volunteers


Registration for Spring 2020 is OPEN!

Click on the "Spring 2020 Player Registration" button to register your child to play in the Spring 2020 Big Blue Youth Volleyball season.  (Note: Make sure to complete Step 4 below for your registration to be complete)

Click the link below to fill out the Google Form Registration to volunteer.

Can you volunteer your time to help? Please fill out the Google Form with what you're willing to help us with this season!

Step Two: You and your athlete watch the lindsey's law video

Step Three: Print and fill out forms

EVEN IF YOU PLAYED IN THE FALL THESE MUST BE FILLED OUT AGAIN. The Emergency Medical, the Release of Liability, and the Lindsey's Law Forms must be received before your athlete is allowed to participate in any practices or games. You may print the forms and mail them to the PO Box listed at the bottom of this page, bring them with you to the first practice, or email a copy of the completed forms to . Please remember that if you choose to bring them to the first practice and you forget the forms, your athlete will not be allowed to participate until the forms are received by the staff.

Step Four Option A: Pay for Registration via paypal

Step Four Option B: Pay for registration via money order

Money orders must be received by February 26th in order to be placed on a team!

Please make money orders payable to BIG BLUE YOUTH VOLLEYBALL and mail to PO Box 1095 Hamilton, OH 45012.  Please make sure to include your athlete's name on the money order or in the envelope with the money order. I'm sorry, we are unable to accept checks.

Step five: League Liability Waiver

Once you fill this out for the spring, it will work for next fall too!